"DJ Clent - the low end legend - has been known for his music since the days of Dance Mania, releasing tracks such as 'Bounce' and 'Back Up Off Me' which are juke classics. He also released the grimy call to arms footwork track '3rd Wurle', as well as tracks on both Bangs & Works Compilations. 'Hyper Feet' starts off the EP with a high-speed footwork homage to Mike Dunn's classic 'Magic Feet', replicating the hits and using 303 acid to make a sparse but precision-tooled piece of footwork. Next up, 'Baby Yeah' works a vocal and sax sample into shimmering cut-ups and high-speed rhythmic shapes. On side B 'Clent's Dog Catcher' is a half-speed chop up of the intro to George Clinton's famous 'Atomic Dog', sliced and diced into itchy, slippery shapes. 'Don't Go Down' pits an MPC drum workout of the word "down" against a looped "don't go" sample and a mournful piano line, while 'Don't Leave Me (Baby)' contrasts soul samples with a clipped vocal of of 'Baby C'mon' before the track flips into cascading synths." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| PLANET MU | 9.90

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