"A four tracker of brash footwork, stretched to it's limits and rippling with colour. Starting with 'I Don't Give A Fuck', a vicious nihilistic vocal sample is looped over a banging bass drum and a startling bleeping melody, while drums pound and scissor in response. On 'Brighter Dayz' Rashad is joined by Spinn. The track has a bittersweet disposition, with citrus sad piano keys and rhythmic wordless vocals, interspersed with a diva who just bellows "Brighter Dayz", the drums cutting between juke 4/4, amen breaks and sidewinding, footwork kicks and snares. 'Everybody', a collaboration between Rashad and Freshmoon, is really daft; a comical vocal repeating "I Still Love You" that melts down into exagerrated crying is chopped to shreds over drums that break and build from half to double time. DJ Manny joins Rashad for the final track 'Way I Feel', which intros with a plaintive female vocal before the words of the title are sliced and diced into offbeat, spaced out shapes, as the drums roll and fill in accompaniment - it's footwork synthesising pedal-to-the-floor free jazz." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| HYPERDUB | 8.90

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