"Mrs Millers House is a tale of a demented lady and her house. Located in Ozone Park in Queens. I remember Mrs. Miller spray painting her house silver and her dog blue...typical shopping cart/bag lady looking ... As kids we would dare one another to ring her doorbell just to coax her out of the house to get a look at her. grey haired and definitely scary looking...she would post warning signs on her front porch warning all trespassers that they would be killed upon entry. ... Her house would be decorated from top to bottom with caged windows and crosses stragetically placed. Strangely enough, kids from all over queens and even as far as long island knew of mrs miller and her antics.....the house still stands today... with a fresh coat of blue krylon. i haven't heard or seen mrs miller... but she's in there...just waiting for the next generation of daring kids. a haunted tale dropped for halloween." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| AGRICULTURE | 14.80

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