"DODDODO is a solo unit of a girl from Osaka. This brilliant musician who attracts great attentions not only from local scene but also from music-junkies in Tokyo. DODDODO's music, which she created with some low-fi machines, is as if every genre of music that seeks for the evolution is gathered in one place by itself. Even in this album, ethnic music, HIP HOP, ROCK, anime voice, mood music and more are cut up and intermingled in the very small space. And the strong beat gives unification to the congestion. This is the devastating beat, which is just like the sound of the strike that curves her music in us. There are no human races or rules. Instead, there is an aggressive atmosphere of freedom. DODDODO is the riot of 21st century!" (label info)
in stock | JP| 2006| POWER SHOVEL AUDIO | 16.90

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