"In late 1982 Jesse Last and Malcolm Smith, both from Cambridge Massachusetts, launched their pioneering electro-experimental-techno project called Dok-U-Ment also known az DOKUMENT PROJEKT. very heavily influenced by THROBBING GRISTLE, doing long inprov electronic pieces. JOHN ZEWIZZ met MALCOLM in 1982 and assisted him on Live Shows around the Boston area playing around 5 Live performances. After meeting GENESIS-P-Orrige in 1984 MALCOLM SMITH & JOHN ZEWIZZ became official PSYCHIC YOUTHS... part ov Genesis's TEMPLE OV PSYCHIC YOUTH Cult ov the Magickal use ov Blood & Kum. Also after meeting Genisis and spending time with him MALCOLM SMITH disolved DOKUMENT to join SLEEP CHAMBER in 1984. Even though DOKUMENT only existed for 2 and a half years they maintained a large Boston Industrial following. MALCOLM had a very aggressive personality and after only 1 appearence on WZBC he waz banned from being anywhere on their property. Although the output of just about 10 officially released tracks isn't that big, the influence and quality of those tracks can't be ignored and deserves a release on VOD." (label info) edition of 200 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 16.90

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