"By the late 1960s, Don Cherry was living in Sweden, with his wife Moki Karlsson, playing with Swedish musicians from all backgrounds, seeking out exciting partners in a somewhat hippie-like atmosphere. It was in this milieu, in the summers of 1971 and 1972, that Cherry recorded the tracks for his legendary double album, Organic Music Society. The sessions that comprise Organic Music Society are varied and represent several directions in Cherry's oeuvre. Only two tracks ("Elixir" and "Relativity Suite") were recorded in a studio setting; the rest of the music was made live, in wildly divergent circumstances. Along with various top-notch Swedish players-Bengt Berger, Christer Bothén, Tommy Koverhult-the accomplices include Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz and an early appearance by the Brazilian berimbau specialist Naná Vasconcelos. Cherry himself performs on pocket cornet, but also on voice, harmonium, flute, conch shell, and piano. Across the board, on Organic Music Society we find Cherry's intense interest in multicultural sounds, in the intersections of improvisation and folk music, and the expansion of jazz into a melting pot of sonic experience." (All About Jazz) also available on CD
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