"Footfalls Records is a new independent vinyl record label out of Northern Kentucky, starting with their first release: A split record by Tashi Dorji & Marisa Anderson: We first heard Tashi Dorji's name via Ben Chasny's effusive praise. We soon found out what Ben already knew: that Tashi is one of the most creative, singular, and exciting solo guitarists on the scene today. We were hoping to be first to release Tashi's music on vinyl, but Bathetic, Blue Tapes, and Chasny's own Hermit Hut imprint beat us to it. That's when we hatched a plan to pair him with the equally great, equally singular guitarist Marisa Anderson for a split LP. Marisa Anderson is a tremendous inspiration to us at Footfalls Records. Her playing, like Marisa herself, exemplifies the honesty, strength, and innovation we admire in players from John Lee Hooker to Jessie Mae Hemphill to Neil Young. Building on established American musical idioms (folk, country, blues) without ever relying on tired cliches, Marisa's immediately recognizable style instantly captivated us, and we've been devoted fans ever since." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2015| FOOTFALLS RECORDS | 20.90

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