"A lot of H.N.A.S.-fans all over the world kept asking to finally re-release on CD what they consider one of H.N.A.S.' definitive masterpieces (along with "Im Schatten der Möhre" and "Melchior): P. Li Khan's solo side of the H.N.A.S.' "Ach, dieser Bart!" LP. Originally issued on vinyl in 1988 (KK records, Belgium) this recordings (included here is the very rare bonus 7"-track) show why Dr. P. Li Khan and H.N.A.S. are rated as pioneering forces of experimental music in the 80s/90s. An astonishing wild mix-up of strange songs, bizarre cutups and an overall "kraut-tone" make these tracks so special. The other part of the CD gives an overview of P. Li Khan's more recent live works during his 2 year stay in Asia, 2000-2002, covering several in-concert recordings from China, Korea and Vietnam. The "Asia" selection comprises of the six extremely rare tracks from the 3 long deleted Dr. P. Li Khan Live in Asia singles (released on the austrian Klanggalerie label in limited editions of 100 copies each) and several unpublished pieces." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2003| DOM ELCHKLANG | 15.90

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