"Luca Venezia a.k.a. Drop the Lime, has been one on America's most prolific young electronic artists. Since his first EP on Ambush back in 2003, he's released multiple singles and 2 LPs as Drop the Lime, as well as a handful of vinyl as half of Trouble & Bass. Now Broklyn Beats is happy to introduce fans to a new direction in his sound. "Sky City Rising" is a conceptual vision based around Luca's love for dub and the new dubstep sounds. It ties into a video he is finishing to accompany this half-hour EP. Dub is the word as Luca flows from the full-on dubstep dread of "Try Harder" to the closing "Spaceman" with its plaintive lost vocals, delivered by Venezia's signature voice. Elsewhere, "Closer 2 You" is a dubbed- out nod to early Carl Craig with a sparse composition that floats through space on synths. "Fever Gasp" follows with a sound closer to Drop the Lime's previous work, incorporating rumbling bass with snappy snares and definite breakcore and grime elements. "Glock box" is also straight heavy American dubstep with its echo chamber keys and rolling sub-bass. Taken as a whole, Venezia has delivered a strong conceptual EP which sits nicely alongside his more uptempo material as Drop the Lime." (label info)
in stock | USA| 2007| BROKLYN BEATS | 9.90

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