- Transformation 19 mal einfach hergestellter komplizierter Musik... (7")

"Dü are cologne electronica irregularities F.X.Randomiz (Holosud) and Jan St.Werner (Mouse on Mars, Microstoria, Lithops). They first gained attantion with their CD debut "Slow" which The Wire magazine praised as "an unsung electronic masterpiece, an outstanding pre-Oval example of capsized sampling virtuosity", "Slow" has become something of a holy grail to acolytes of cologne's often hard-to-follow creative metastases. After Werner got very busy with Mouse on Mars and Microstoria and Randomiz with his sideproject Holosud as well as numerous dsp programming projects it took some time until they got to work together again. One of their edits found its way on the sonig compilation "comp." in 2000. Now, three years after "comp." and eleven years after "Slow" the six tracks of "T.s.m.e.h.k.m.i.s.m.k.h.e.m." are available as Dü's debut 7" album." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2002| SONIG | 4.90

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