"Half of duo Opéra Mort and third of trio Reines d'Angleterre, alongside the famous Ghedalia Thazartčs, Člg is a brilliant and multi-talented musician living in Brussels. His discography is a bit of a red herring: from somptuous acid folk wanderings (on Kraak) to schizophrenic and incredibly creative tour-de-force (on Nashazphone) to the tangential electronic experimentations of the excellent "Mil Pluton" LP released in 2012 on Alter/Hundebiss. On "La Chimie", Člg concocts a stunning blend of tracks that appeared initially on small-run and now out-of-print releases plus an unreleased one. This creates, like for any of his previous releases, a strange euphoria sensation. It feels like falling in a remote place of cosmos, a place of his own, where synthetic buzzings, declamations in non-identified languages, sparkles of musique concrčte, electronic flare-ups and proto-industrial beats mix together in a fascinating mess, something like bodies in distress floating in the great big galactic void. Yes, "La Chimie" is as hypnotic as a weird pattern on a filipino hijab. It's now your turn to taste "La Chimie" and tickle your mind's eye." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2013| SDZ | 15.90

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