"Staring for weeks at the spooling of the tape machine: miles and miles of blank tape... Elisabeth came to a point where she began to understand Dieter's visions and then tried to gain full control over them. 2 years after his death she finally succeeded. "In 1979 I started to prepare the most beautiful piano themes, but my sister Elfriede destroyed everthing with her awful effect boxes, interspersing my works with an cacophony of tortured household items. With the help of Dieter's brother Karl Heinz I tried to repair most of this stuff in the Cafe Ufo studios, but it was only due to Dr. Edward Moolenbeek's engaged, inspired and risky use of his special 'Fön-techniques' that 'Sitzgruppe' became what it is today: A pile of shit."." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| DOM ELCHKLANG | 15.90

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