"Else Marie Pade (b. 1924) is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Denmark. From the beginning of the 1950s, she, in close co-operation with technicians and assistants on Radio Denmark, produced a substantial amount of concrete and electronic music, partly in the shape of independent works for radio broadcasts, partly in the shape of accompaniments to various radio dramas. So far, the music has only existed on tapes in the archives of the Danish Radio; this CD is thus the first ever musical documentation of her work." (label info) Symphonie magnetophonique composed 1958. Den lille havfrue (The little mermaid) from Hans Christian Andersen, composed 1957-58. Se det i ojnene (Face it) composed 1970. Recorded at the Danish Radio, Lab. III, 1957-1958. Remixed at DIEM, Arhus, 2002.
soon in stock - please pre-order | DK| 2002| DACAPO | 8.90

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