Originally released in 2004 and now available for the first time on (super-heavyweight 200g) vinyl. "The Equatorial Stars consists of a series of seven soundscapes. As with previous recordings made individually & in collaboration by Fripp & Eno, it is the evident care taken in the construction & presentation of the sound world that makes the totality of the work so convincing. The textures & atmospheres forming the heart of each track manage to subtly change & alter, while leaving ample space for Robert's guitar solos & sounds to emerge from the centre. Put simply, the album allows Fripp & Eno the opportunity to redefine an area of music they helped to launch into the mainstream in the first instance. One other key difference between the release of "The Equatorial Stars" & "No Pussyfooting"? This time there's an audience ready & waiting." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| DISCIPLINE GLOBAL MOBILE | 22.90

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