"3LP with 8 page book. By 1978 over 40% of all buildings in the South Bronx had either been burned to the ground for insurance money or simply abandoned, but somehow in this time of Armaggedon one of the most influential and visionary bands of the era not only managed to flourish, but become leaders of the avant-garde. Even more astounding was that the band members were four sisters and a family friend who at first could barely play their instruments, but this did not stop them from grabbing the attention of the ultra-hip 99 Records and Joy Divisions legendary producer, Martin Hannett, who in 1981 recorded their first single for Factory Records. The song "UFO" from this single has become one of the most sampled songs in history. This deluxe collection spans their entire history beginning with this first groundbreaking single through the decades to follow. Tracklisting - Side A: 1. You're No Good 2. Tiny Sticks 3. Moody 4. Come Away 5. U.F.O 6. Dance 7. Parking Lot Blues Side B: 1. Chistelle 2. Talk It 3. Erase You 4. Hold Me Right 5. It's Alright 6. Get Funky 7. My Love For You Side C: 1. About You 2. Insane (Tambourine Mix) 3. Keep On Moving 4. I Can't Tell You What To Do 5. Moody (Spaced Out) Side D: 1. Dance To The Beat Of My Moody 2. Bam Bam Jam 3. A New Day 4. In The Streets 5. Erase You (Puppy To Your Side) Side E: 1. You're No Good (Alternate Version) 2. Standing In Line 3. I Wanna Dance 4. Six Pack (Original Version) 5.Moody (A New Mood) Side F: 1. There Was A Time 2. Earn It 3. Like This." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| FIRE | 39.90

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