"Produced by Martin Denny and arranged by pianist Paul Conrad, 1958's 'Exotic Dreams' put this fairly unknown Hawaiian Jazz singer in the spotlight, to rival Peruvian chantress Yma Sumac for the title of first lady of "Exotica". 'Exotic Dreams' is one of those superb records that live up to the hype due to both the beautiful voice of the singer and its exotic arrangements, causing the listener to execrate the missed opportunities, as Azama faded into obscurity shortly thereafter, despite her obvious talent and various gigs in Hawaiian and Australian night clubs and her recurring role in the 70's TV series Hawaii Five-0. Twelve songs are featured on Exotic Dreams, and the style ranges from Far Eastern mystique over Hawaiian snugness to faux-Polynesian exhilaration. Ethel Azama feels always at home, regardless of the tempo, style or mood, and once the listener is growing tired of the occasionally jazzy nature, the next song around the corner is totally different, yet cohesive enough to not tear the concept of dreaminess apart. Limited to 300 copies." (label info)
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