"Evol is Roc and Miguel from Barcelona. This is their first release. One is obsessed with chocolate and the misuse of digital formats, the other one a devotee of disco, funk and any kind of black-roots sound. Why? No reason, really. No concepts behind it. And, no, Evol (the name) is not a tribute to Sonic Youth. Both do love them, but it is the name of a plant, a very common plant (so common that you cannot identify unless you're a plant expert). Scientific name: Sambucus Bulus. You cannot see it even when you're surrounded by them -- you hear it, but you may not realise it even if you're surrounded by their stupid clic-clic tracks. Cool. What? The sound is very minute but at the same time massive. The CD has 18 tracks and lasts exactly 18 minutes." (label info) sell-out price
in stock | AT| 1999| MEGO | 3.90

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