"While contemporary improvisation is from time to time marked by a denial of tonality, rhythm or even humour, the international trio FACET take a completely different approach. If questioned about their influences the band cite northern minimalism, no wave music and electronic sound collages. The consistently intense album has been cut together from long sessions of improvisation. And although Facet's music has, on the surface, nothing to do with rock, it still breathes the spirit of no wave, un-rock, and therefore rock music. "conscious mental field recordings" is filled with tension and dynamics. It's not an academic album, rather sounding warm and literally physical. For it scrapes, squeaks and scratches, clatters, rumbles and cracks at every corner. With their intensive play Facet create dense textures and great depths through minimalism or scurrilous individuality. Throaty squeaks and guitar misuse contrast with resonant percussion and bubbling woodwind to create a powerful result. The trio's working method of compiling undogmatic group improvisation creates, with all its abstraction, an overriding rhythmical flow." (label info) Facet are Adrian Myhr (NO): Double-bass, Joris Rühl (FR): Clarinets, Maciej Sledziecki (DE): Guitar.
in stock | DE| 2009| SATELITA MUSIKVERLAG | 12.90

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