"Dance and Song - the Chariot Ride into the ethers and beyond! During his time on our planet, Father Yod understood that beauty and joy, the things of heaven, were meant to inform and inspire our time here on earth. His family of thirteen wives and over a hundred other beloved members were part of the Renaissance of the 1960s and 70s among the young people of Los Angeles and elsewhere - and the music that Father made and encouraged others in the family to make is the shining example of what makes The Source Family an underground American legend. Thirty years and more after the passing of Father (he died after a hang gliding accident in which his kundulini was raised on the beaches of Hawaii) and the dispersal of his Family, theirs is a still a message that the world needs now! But how to continue to send it farther? Enter Drag City! Man, our minds were blown by that God and Hair box. When we were given a chance to work with some of the folks from The Source back in 2008, we just said yeah, let's hear more of that craaazy music. First came the never-before-heard tape from Children of the Sixth Root Race, Songs From the Source. Then, Magnificence in the Memory, a vault-diving expedition by NNCK's Dave Nuss credited to Father Yod and the Source Family. Now in the year 2012, rare energies are at play, and the times are calling for another trip into the deep pile of Source Family song-and-dancemusic. With The Thought Adjusters, the focus is on extended rhythms created not only by YaHoWha13 but all the family musicians. The focus is on extended rhythms created in support of Father as he made his teachings, with all the jams integrating both aspects, music and wisdom." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| DRAG CITY | 19.90

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