"Two years after the release of her groundbreaking LP DIN, FAY re-emerges with her new exhilarating new masterwork Deathwatch. Treading many of the signature avant-pop and rough-and-tumble R&B tropes first heard on DIN, Deathwatch expands the sonic palette pushing elements of drone, no wave/post-punk, and dub higher into the mix. With a tight focus on exploring the physical within the realm of machine music, Deathwatch (like DIN) was conceived using the same process of editing and stitching sounds together visually without the help of sequencers or even a grid. While this is music made with computers, FAY's painstakingly unique process highlights the raw human element to her music reflecting the blood, sweat, and pain expended throughout her addictive unquantized rhythm explorations." (label info) "FAY manages to form memorable tracks from something so rhythmically odd and distinct. I think this is an incredible record, it's inspiring to hear just how far you can take rhythms when you move away from the grid." (Holly Herndon)
in stock | US| 2014| TIME NO PLACE | 14.90

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