"How do you play the wind chimes? I hear crickets pulse; it sounds like breathing. If it seems that the elephant of memory plays the piano, it's because the speed of the pulsing notes punctuate each moment before sounds vanish in a bright, gray haze. How do you play a player piano? It is as impossible to be sated with Durand's music as it is to grow tired of Satie. When Durand opens up his music box, the crickets breathe through it. Satie created his "furniture music" as music that was not meant to be listened to. Durand's El idioma de las luciernagas is meant to be listened into. It creates a place where wind chimes, stray guitars, and dropped thoughts fall like rain. How do you play a musical box? Durand shows us a box of light and we play it through our ears. This music catches the idiom of fireflies only to release it and and let it exhale. Listening to this music on the verge of sleep is like hearing the rustle of cellophane just before a new dream slips out and a cello comes into focus. And that rustling cellophane is the sound of birds inside the dream coming to seem like music because it plays the seams of being." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| DESIRE PATH RECORDINGS | 17.90

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