"Enclosed by a beautiful silver, neon yellow and red colour sleeve, Felix Kubin's legendary debut "Filmmusik" has finally been reissued as a double LP. The bonus record features 7 extra tracks and musical sketches that didn't appear on the first version, among them a sleazy "Pornodisko" remix by Mense Reents (Egoexpress). Originally released in 1998, the album consists of two film soundtracks for Mariola Brillowska's animated cartoons "Katharin & Witt, Fiction & Reality" and "The Contr-Contras". The music balances the drastic contents of the films with a rather romantic mixture of 60's French film music, early New Wave and electronic pop of the 90's, including some short original outtakes of the films." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2014| GAGARIN | 19.90

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