"seven stars was recorded in vienna in january 2011. i recorded and mixed the album within 3 weeks. liminal and july were existing pieces which i have reworked. (i wrote an early version of liminal in a hotel room in bali in 2010). there is also a version of liminal that i have been playing live for some time. my friend steven hess, with whom i have worked before, happened to be in vienna at the time of the sessions, so i invited him to join me in the studio. christoph amann recorded the drums using a selection of his great microphones including his amazing new josephson. i wanted to make a record that has a certain lightness about it and at the same time explore new territory using drums on one track. this might be something i will continue with in the future." (Fennesz)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2011| TOUCH | 10.90

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