"The music goes back and forth across the borders of classic, minimal, electronica, and ambient but it does not settle itself anywhere. It is free spirited beautiful music that lets its free form ring. film's first celebratory album titled, "messenger" is based on an imaginary fable. The album brings classical instruments such as piano, violin, viola, and cello, an ensemble of instruments that provokes images of solemn church music and layers this with a touch of electronic sound, and a silky veil of a woman's voice ringing from far in the distance beyond the fog and together, turns the entire album into one deep fairy tale. This serene fantasy world woven in beauty will make the listener think as though they have been lured into a dark and deep pine forest in a far away land without even knowing it. This dark fantasy embraces everything from eloquence and insanity to beauty and hideousness. films wonderland. We recommend you listen after dusk." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2010| NOBLE | 17.50

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