"On his second album, "He Poos Clouds," Owen Pallet presents a clearly enhanced concept of his solo project Final Fantasy. The core sound of his 2005 debut, "Final Fantasy Has A Good Home," was mainly based on Pallet's violin and his virtuoso handling of the loop pedal. He now proves his skills as an arranger, working with a large chamber music ensemble, featuring a string quartet, piano, harpsichord and percussion (among others). Still, Owen shows an impressive ingenuity for melodic lines and surprising turnarounds. Regardless of the more extended scope for this album, "He Poos Clouds" was produced to maintain a certain intimacy. The overall atmosphere carries the ease of an afternoon dress rehearsal, as if the ensemble members played for themselves one last time before the crowd rushs in. Owen's mostly introverted vocals also express this mood of privacy. The musical language of The Final Fantasy is eclectic without letting its influences act as bare quotations for themselves. Traces were smeared with care and everything is consolidated and processed in such a peculiar way that we cannot designate the culprits any longer. He even integrates an amazing variety of stylistic spheres within the individual songs." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| TOMLAB | 13.90

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