"With their debut album Blinker:Farben, Fonoda plundered their collection for influences -- pulling in threads from the likes of Slint, Mogwai and Low, then weaving it into an evocative tapestry that was both melancholic and beautifully optimistic. Reduced from a four piece into a trio, the revised line up of Florian Dölzer (drums), Matthias Neuefeind (guitar) and Christian Unerti (bass) now release Eventually, calling upon drum tracks recorded in 2003 as the bedrock for inspiration. The shimmering cowl of "Not Dead, Just Sleeping (They Are)" and "Silence Means Disease" recalls the likes of Sigur Rós or Mogwai crossed with Slowdive, the latter track allowing some tender vocals just enough room to breathe between the bombastic choruses. "Stone Cold Seconds" employs a waterlogged beat, whilst album closer "Last Folder" is a towering epic that gives Mogwai a run for their post-rock money." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| BÜRO | 14.80

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