"Alex Smoke's wicked humandhaw label notches up another killer cut from Fool with sick production from Smoke himself, screwing sideways from his techno styles into low slung rave-hop a-la Kaman Leung on 'Real Thing' with Non coming on like a sniffed up Biz Markie. The 12" steps into the 'essential' region when you hit the run of remixes from Various Production, Hud Mo and 2Tall, with Various rubbing up a rude Miami Bass vs bashment style revision, while Hud Mo's remix offers one of his primo special beats that just wrecks our heads. 2Tall comes correct with a mid tempo disco hop version with plenty extra bass in the bottom end for a very unexepected but killer effort before Smoke and MC round off with some more darkside hiphop abstraction picking up from where funckarma left off with the Shadowhuntaz project. Ace." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2008| HUM AND HAW | 8.50

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