"This item record exists in a strange state... part split part collab... Bringing together two great Canadian underground noise acts, "Domestic Disturbances" is "incredibly unreliable ferro-magnetics, pure sugar hard sound locked grooves. Excellent, excellent!" says Steve Boyle, WRTC. Toronto-based Brian Ruryk has been blasting his axe since the 80s, continually redefining his cut-up, septic guitar. Ruryk has been slowly squeezing great loads for labels such as Ultra Eczema, Stomach Ache, Bennifer as well as dropping tapes and cdrs on his own imprint. Each delves deeper into the possibilities of the guitar frontier. Fossils have been spewing toxic fumes since 2004 in a variety of formations, all fronted by David Payne. Fossils here are represented by Daniel Farr and David Payne. SIDE A: Ruryk plays over Fossils. SIDE B: Four Fossils constructions using only Ruryk source material. Each side contains a locked groove mid-journey. Each record comes in an enviro-friendly recycled chipboard jackets. Full color cover artwork by Ruryk hand-pasted on jackets. Logo by Graham Lambkin silk-screened on reverse. Inserts include black and white artwork by Ruryk, 4 different images (25 each). Hand-numbered edition of 100." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| m-/m-| CARDINAL RECORDS | 12.00

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