"One Sided White Vinyl Picture Disc LP. Edition of 300. New recordings from 2007-2010 by 85 year old French Composer Francis Dhomont. This LP is Dhomonts first appearance on vinyl since his 1982 record on INA-GRM Sous Le Regard D'un Soleil Noir. Birthdays explores high fidelity studio editing methods of concrete sound and vocal manipulation. Each record screenprinted by hand with archival high gloss varnish. Stored in a PVC sleeve with sticker with program notes by Dhomont & Jean-Francois Denis. "Quelques Eclats" (2010), "Les Flux Des Sons" (2010), "Forte-Piano" (2008, 10), "Denature Parme-Sons" (2007)." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | CA| 2012| BENIFFER EDITIONS | 18.90

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