"lopez island was crafted from original environmental sound matter recorded in lopez island during the winter of 1999-2000. The resulting composition is 51 minutes of both delicate minutiae as well as startling power - crackling, howling, and haunting. The small island in Washington state provided the beautiful, isolated terrain for López' gathering of raw sounds and, as a personal audio document (though clearly beyond mere documentary), the landscape has been expertly translated. A quintessentially chilling interpretation of the winter beach, lopez island is a worthy addition to López' exemplary body of absolute concrčte music and, indeed, one of his finest works to date. Packaged inside two elegant printed sleeves of 100% recycled paper, this compact disc has been issued in an edition of 500 copies." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2006| ELEVATOR BATH | 14.90

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