"Francois Tusques' involvement as a central figure in the French free jazz scene (alongside Barney Wilen, Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark and Jacques Thollot) is as indispensable as it is synonymous. As a wholly improvisational live music entity running simultaneously (at times pre-emptively) to its early 60s American counterpart, this self-styled music revolution remained truly independent, both creatively and logistically, rendering original physical audio documents virtually unobtainable, save the few vinyl mementoes which cross human hands for hefty bounties beneath counters of record fairs before reaching the electronic auctions. As the first release in a series of long overdue reissues and vintage archival debuts Cacophonic Records present this previously presumed lost unreleased studio session from 1967, which sees the cross-pollination of two of France's most exciting counter-culture families, combining the open music of Tusques and the moving image of experimental horror director Jean Rollin. 'La Reine Des Vampires' features an all-star line-up of Barney Wilen, Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark, Bernard Guerin and Eddie Gaumont, assembled by Tusques in the same months that followed the important manifesto of the avant garde that embossed the group's name on the French musical map. This advent collides at the exact point where Rollin (as an erotic writer and avant garde theatre patron) first committed his filmic experiments to feature length celluloid, proving this previously unheard artifact to be a significant landmark at the start of both a controversial cinematic legacy and a genuinely experimental domestic music career (watch this space) that immediately went on to magnetise the likes of Don Cherry, and Archie Shepp and Sunny Murray in the following year." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| CACOPHONIC | 21.90

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