"After the split of H.N.A.S. in the early 90s, Achim P. Li Khan kept the original weird and experimental spirit of the early days alive and, joining forces with classically trained Frank Rowenta (see also his wonderful solo release!), he took the H.N.A.S. sound to the next stage. Contrary to some other members of HNAS (who concentrated on becoming well respected "new age artists"), Rowenta and Khan presented an LP full of fresh, exciting and powerful music back in 1991.This digitally remastered CD edition comprises of the whole sessions from 1989-1991 and features 6 bonus tracks that could not be included on the original LP. Faithfully restored and rearranged coverart make this an essential purchase if you love the 80s H.N.A.S.-sound peppered with Rowenta's spacious soundscapes." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2003| DOM ELCHKLANG | 15.90

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