"acoustic incidents of a room were recorded with a basic cassette recorder. there are two automatic working rhythm devices in the room. these machines create very gentle noises that modify themselves in a period of hours. otherwise there is no acoustic scenery in the record room. after a while the listener gets the feeling he could feel for the room in an acoustic way, similar to acclimate eyes to a very dark room. beside the rhythmic ticktack there are just noises that are nearly inaudible. there's no possibility to identify or to categorise the noises. it doesn't matter if the listener hears the noises in a concentrated or relaxed way, a kind of hypnotic state gets to him. senses were sensitised to the music and it's possible to perceive the scenery that is outside the room. these are just the facts of live that were recorded at random. the cassettes which were used are old 120s BASF LH (the orange ones). knowingly there is no noise suppression or filtering, the character of the old cassette is a stylistic device as well." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| GRUENREKORDER | 16.90

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