"The genesis of the project was a 90 second recording of improvised acoustic lapsteel (the Oahu of the title) played by Martin Luiten. From this initial recording, segments of music, each lasting 30 seconds in length, were created then passed back and forth between de Waard and Zuydervelt over a period of four months for further processing, editing and refinement. Finally, with a collection of 20 of these segments, each artist composed their own 20 minute mix using these pieces. Though the nature of processing and reprocessing applied to the initial recording of the lapsteel makes it at times almost unrecognisable, the harmonic and melodic essence of the instrument is retained and utilised throughout. And whilst unified by the source material at their disposal, these two tracks have a distinct feel and identity that manage to perfectly encapsulate the work of both artists." (label info)
in stock | 2008| LOW-POINT | 13.90

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