"Assumedly most of us are familiar with FREILAND from younger Profan releases, namely Klaviermusik (Piano Music) and Geduld (Patience). In fact, however, FREILAND (Open Land), primarily was the successor project of the legendary Studio 1 series that started in 1998 and was limited to 6 maxis. No hi-hats, no snares, no samples. Less is more. With its consistent concept of a single synthetic sound, evolving in a stoic-minimal rhythm around one bass drum only, FREILAND, alongside Sog (Undertow), is and was Wolfgang Voigt's most important project of this kind. The piece, FREILAND - ROT 2 (Open Land - Red 2), to some degree is an epitome of the concept of "the art of omission". Accordingly, "ROT 2" is the first part of the remix series "FREILAND - FREIE SICHT" (Open Land - Clear View). "ROT 3" (Red 3), the mother of all shaffel bombs, dressed in gaffel mix. Meaning: gabber meets schaffel (shuffle). Greetings from Kompakt Extra / Speicher, home of glam hog-rock. The musical alter ego of painter Albert Oehlen, virtually guest of honour, reverences Wendy Gondeln. His work on the original and so far unpublished version of "ROT 4" is in line with the expressive, radical nature of his paintings. Using aggressive, abstract violin sounds in real time, he pushes the stable statics of the beat to its limits. A short but intensive intermezzo and an unusual approach to techno. The final shine is added by Michael Mayer's smart and confident dancefloor-style, in the best kompakt'esque sense, by condensing the ingredients of the subtle grooving schaffel track "GELB 3" (Yellow 3) to a hissing filigree of blurred drum sounds. Musical own-blood therapy with short and thrifty sombre house-like chords." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| PROFAN | 8.50

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