"Faces Faces Everywhere was recorded while Mr Fricara Pacchu was in a coma which he fell into after hearing 'Car Ride' by american hardcore band Drunks With Guns. This incident ended a 16-month-long worldwide tour celebrating the success of his previous releases 'Midnight Pyre' and 'Lucy'. The sounds on this cassette were created with the help of swiss engineer Ms Apita Pipiti and her computer, which Pacchu was connected to with brain sensors. The doctors did various stimulations in order to crack his mental shell. The response from his brain was driven through Pipiti's machine and the results were analyzed by norwegian conductor Mr Blorsen. On 21.5.2010 the patient woke up after a nurse accidentally threw a metal vase at his head. The raw material was given to him as a compensation for the wrong treatment. So now, buy this tape and give Mr Pacchu a reason for another party marathon." (label info) C40 tape
in stock | FI| 2011| IKUISUUS | 5.90

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