"After numerous concerts and studio sessions Friedman & Liebezeit are presenting two new pieces of their ongoing Secret Rhythms project. Both tracks, one mixed and co produced by Mark Ernestus (rhythm & sound) and one by Burnt Friedman, testify less to post-processing and editing techniques than to the physicality of the instruments played. The two arrangements - often played on stage over the past 2 years - unfold an uncommonly hypnotic effect for respectively over 10 minutes each side. The post-Can Liebezeit not only created his own cycle-based drum system but also developed an innovative drumset that concentrates on the essentials. Friedman´s percussive, synthetic or acoustic sound sequences adhere to the same understanding of rhythm, allowing the two sound generators to perfectly intermesh and form a unit - both acoustically and electronically, in terms of improvisation and concept alike. The cover artwork was provided by artist Theo Altenberg." (label info) repress in generic sleeve
in stock | DE| 2010| NONPLACE | 7.90

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