"frisk frugt (danish for fresh fruit) is the solo project by Anders from the Kirsten Ketsjer Rock Band. First of all, you've never heard anything like this. What is it with the Scandinavians mixing every possible form of music, and making it work beautifully and elegantly? First, we were taken by absolute surprise with Kemiallistat Ystavat (just scroll down), and now this? Descriptions here are somewhat useless. I will however give you a few reference points. One of the tunes that we are posting starts with what could be the Art Ensemble of Chicago, complete with somewhat exuberant sounding Lester Bowie-ish horns (albeit accompanied by a drum machine), then morphs into something that Architecture in Helsinki could've been involved with (maybe after a lot of acid) and then it COMPLETELY derails into a beautiful sort of cloud of oddly joyful dissonance in the form of feedback noise and bass tones. This is quite an awe-inspiring record, actually. Even in its noisier, droney moments it wreaks of joyfullness. Like all of these things making sounds at once are infinitely happy, and you should be to by listening to it." (needingtobe)
in stock | DK| 2007| YOYOOYOY | 12.50

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