"boy did our blameless white boy knees shake before we got involved with that mysterious east coast hip hop tribe and their last man standing oddateee the odd. to be honest no harm came upon us and ťblue smoke/mental blockŤ was praised among hip hop headz world wide and even the wu-tang clan dropped us a relieved email saying they were glad that the labteks are history so they could calmly keep on doing what they´re doing but they really loved the 7" inch and so forth and what not... may bambaataa be with us! now we´re taking things even further. we honestly asked a production squad from the netherlands to lay hands on the labteks! the internationally renowned electronic whiz kids funckarma are responsible for the production of last year´s chief hip hop thread shadowhuntaz. now they hijacked labteks´ ťblue smoke/mental blockŤ to reconstruct their tales from the darkside. hearing the translucid and dreamlike treatment of ťblue smokeŤ and the twisted hip hop electronica of ťmental blockŤ even london´s own the bug was bugging out. so did we. so will you." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| BOMB MITTE | 5.50

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