"The Uruguay-born Gastón Arévalo is releasing his debut CD "Rollin Ballads" via Oktaf Records. Preceding this release, he self-released two MCs. His latest recordings are intensely inspired by natural and organic sounds - tracks like "Selvagem" are the result of field recordings of long walks at sun dawn mixed with unconventional sounds of natural elements such as stones and bones. The result is a synaesthetic impression of foggy, far away landscapes; yet still flooded with light. This is what Arévalo intents with his aurally and ,visually' stunning tracks. Classically trained, Arévalo intersperses analogue sounds into his tracks as he incorporates modulated and modified fragments and passages played by instruments. This evokes the musical influence of classic Ambient-Soundconnoisseurs such as Brian Eno, Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt or Erik Satie. As a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on experimental ambient music, this record based on neo-classical sound collages and modulated and synthesised field recordings rife with hidden melodies and abstract sound structures. His tracks are and should be mirror images of life - "Rollin Ballads" - which, as life is always moving and constantly changing." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| OKTAF | 14.90

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