"After having released their self-titled critically acclaimed debut in 2006 on City Centre Offices' indie-offshoot "Büro", the Gentleman Losers return with their second full-length. More refined and more detailed, the new album sounds like a ballroom orchestra recorded inside a snow globe. Big songs compressed through the bottleneck of lo-fi genius. Meanwhile, the ballerina still dances. A seamless, deep journey into an unknown yet familiar world, packed with references still to become reality. From the opening track "Honey Bunch", which dances around a little guitar motif, backed up by horizon full of slide-airyness, to the tape-hiss driven "Silver Water Ripples". From "Lullaby Of Dustland", which is exactly that, to the dark drones of "Wind In Black Trees", or the 60s movie soundtrack-flavored harpsichord of "Farandole", with "Dustland" The Gentleman Losers deliver a fascinating, hypnotic second album. " (label info)
in stock | UK| 2008| CITY CENTRE OFFICES | 14.80

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