"New remastered version! New bonus tracks! New remastered CD edition of 'Tazartès', Ghédalia Tazartès forth LP, presented here in its integral original length. Also included is the first CD edition of 'Whatever Works Singing Wild My Rock Ghédalia' (previously issued as side B of 'Granny Awards' LP), created in the early '80s in his anhydridic Paris. Immersive, transporting and deeply arresting music from the revered autodidact and audio oddity. If you've never encountered Ghédalia before, this is an excellent place to start, welcoming you to a whole other world of exotic, electro and acoustic sounds, composed according to a genuinely far reaching and individual agenda. The five bonus tracks opens to a comedic, exuberant vocal set to crackly 78 backing on 'Whatever' and turns blind corners into ethno-noise trance-outs on 'Singing', hyper-rhythmic experiments on Wild and a jarring hardcore punk-out in 'My Rock Ghédalia'. The freedom of expression and taste for exotic, arabesque tonalities is a mighty revelation and we assure you we'll be digging much deeper into Ghédalia's catalogue at the nearest opportunity." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2015| ALGA MARGHEN | 16.90

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