"Mutant Glamour is the new full length LP from Giant Claw, a culmination of three years of steady musical output. The album has plenty of themes: mutation, fashion, sex, trash culture, our weird alien bodies, and so on. Musically it's a sprawling, layered combination of improvisation and meticulous composition through editing, one that is deceptively seamless and of a whole. You'll also find wild atonal saxaphone, free jazz breakdowns, a lush ballad, and the insane sequences and broken arpeggios that one might expect from such a "synth act." Except Mutant Glamour is much more than synthesizer music. It's a restless document of clashing cultures and sounds expressed through electronics, flirting with a lot of traditions (dance, noise, jazz, prog rock) but never really settling on any one platform." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2012| ORANGE MILK | 18.90

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