"In 1971 academic and experimental music composer Gil Trythall was commissioned by Athena Records and Studio boss Rick Powell to record a Switched On Bach for "country folk". Trythall dutifully ran country and bluegrass standards, and the hits of the day, through the valves and circuits of a battery of Moog synthesizers and related hardware. The resulting 1972 album, Country Moog (Switched On Nashville) is certainly unlike anything ever heard before (or since, for that matter). Equal parts virtuosic musicianship, bizarre musique-concrete effects and just plain entertaining, the original album was popular enough to spawn a sequel, 1973's Nashville Gold (Switched On Moog). Cited by Bob Moog as one of his favourite "Moog" recordings, both albums are included here for their first appearance on CD with a number of rare or previously unreleased tracks, exclusive liner notes, historical photos and recollections from Gil Trythall himself!" (label info) back in stock
soon in stock - please pre-order | AU| 2006| THE OMNI RECORDING CORP. | 16.90

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