"Medical Records is proud to present the quintessential first album by Gina X Performance. Gina X Performance was composed of the charismatic Gina Kikoine (vocals/lyrics) along with famous German producer/musician Zeus B. Held and backing band. Released in 1978 on various labels including EMI, 'Nice Mover' has been out of print on vinyl format since 1980. Zeus B. Held has previously worked with the band Birth Control and has recorded multiple solo albums as well... Gina's unmistakable and truly unique vocals and lyrics set this record apart from its contemporaries. Tackling controversial subject matter such as transgenderism, exhibitionism, and other fetishes , this record has left a deep mark on the history of new wave and electro/disco... Master recordings provided by Zeus B. Held and remastered by Lafayette Masters, Freiburg. Officially licensed from Mr. Held (KGBeat Productions) directly. This is a seminal work of electro/disco/wave and is essential for fans of late 70's wave-synth-disco crossover and the like... 180gram 'bone' colored vinyl in a limited edition pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Includes bonus insert with liner notes and interview by Kurt B. Reighley." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| MEDICAL REC. | 23.90

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