"Records by artists is a catalogue raisonne, a book of about 500 records. The artist uses the record/vinyl medium, as a total project (cover, packaging, sound project) liberated from the music. Since the 1960's, artists have increasingly experimented with recording sound as a means to investigate the possibilities of expression. Vigorously researched and documented, Records by Artists 1958-1990 is the catalogue to an exhibition curated by Giorgio Maffei at the Biblioteca Universitaria, Bologna in 2013. This illustrated compendium explores diverse artistic experiences using sound and audio storage media since its beginnings around 1960. Central to the interdisciplinary context of dematerialisation of the work of art, visual, literary, performance and other artists have increasingly experimented with the record and sound as a vehicle for investigating the possibilities of verbal and non-verbal expression, considerations of the body and avant-garde tendencies. Hundreds of examples are presented in this impressively researched and carefully documented and illustrated book." (label info) 268 pages, softcover, italian/english
in stock | DE| 2016| VIAINDUSTRIAE PUBLISHING | 29.90

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