"Long rumored, long-awaited and essentially first-time issue of this incendiary Branca masterwork, recorded in 1981 at NYC's Radio City Studios -- during the peaked out early era of Glenn's 'Guitar Army' ensembles -- and shortly after the release of The Ascension EPon 99 Records. Featuring contributions from soon-to-be Sonic Thurston Moore & Lee Ranaldo, as well as Branca mainstays Craig Bromberg, Barbara Ess, Jeffrey Glenn, Sue Hanel, David Rosenbloom and Ned Sublette, Indeterminate also contains two other pieces: John Cage's infamous anti-Branca interview with Wim Mertins, captured at Chicago's Navy Pier back in 1982; and a gorgeous, previously unreleased composition 'Harmonic Series Chords,' performed by The New York Chamber Sinfonia in 1989. This potent, apocryphal missing link in the Master's discography has finally been made available for public consumption!" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2007| ATAVISTIC | 16.90

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