"Madison's insular lineage of long-form sonic reducers replenishes and mutates at an impressive clip, so it's no surprise that the debut LP from one of the city's freshest next-wave arc welders is a real treat. A woozy mix of slick rhythm constructs and deep-space drift-symphonies. Edition of 465! The solo soundworld of instrumental synthesizer artisan Joel Shanahan, Golden Donna incorporates a drained rainbow of niche hues into its multiverse: epicly tranced sequencer constructs, smooth-glide R&B solar flares, glittering deep-space drift-symphonies, etc. The effortless interplay between slick rhythm syrups and more ambient-style body awareness float trips gives the record an awesomely woozy in-and-out-of-focus feel - a weightless, ghosting motion, like slow-coasting through clouds on codeine on a private jet. Grab a window seat, 'cause Golden Donna is ripe for repeat freefalls through its unearthly atmospheres." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| m-/m-| NOT NOT FUN | 10.00

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