feat. Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Martin Rössel. "the penultimate issue of raster-noton's unun series features ťgomila parkŤ, a new project by the two swedish musicians martin rössel and carl michael von hausswolff that started in spring 2013 in palma de mallorca. on their first ep released as a duo, they present three rather unconventional and diverse tracks. ťleibnizŤ, for example, is characterized by a heavy rock attitude with lots of distortion and screaming guitar riffs. the b-side on the other hand, including the tracks ťcalculusŤ and ťramon llullŤ, is the more experimental part. considering only the track titles, ťgomila parkŤ is a homage to two of the first mathematicians and philosophers that helped developing the binary system and, generally speaking, the digital world. but despite all that, ťgomila parkŤ is also a matured piece of work that was held in trust for at least two years. it's once more an inspection of a fundamental possibility of music, a reference to the past. similar to mika vainio's ťvandalŤ ep, ťgomila parkŤ echoes the tradition of rock (music) and is thus the counterpart of a younger, historically unburdened generation of producers like ueno masaaki or kyoka." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| RASTER-NOTON | 11.90

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