"Good Stuff House couldn't be more aptly named if they tried. This trio of Scott Tuma along with Zelienople's Matt Christensen and Mike Weis has been conspicuously absent for a while, but this reissue of their self-titled debut serves as a reminder of their potency. Americana is a term that gets tossed around often, but in these dusty hollows it gains meaning. Translucent tones hover in empty space, trembling as they hesitantly coalesce. Folk axioms are broken down into dust so they can be woven back into something new, something beautiful. Dark passages become platforms for larger, more intricate layers.Sunlight creeps in and reverberates through the aural haze as each small element becomes a building block in the light. The tiniest moments are amplified through Good Stuff House's prism as sepia-toned memories become blanketed in vivid color. Miniscule sonic creaks become infinitely spacious drones. Drifting through waves in the atmosphere, Good Stuff House turn forgotten reflections into vivid reveries in the blink of an eye." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2014| INDIAN QUEEN RECORDS | 16.90

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